Protect yourself & your family from virus!

Taking cab is great!

I loved it when I was a child. It was much better then driving  in the family car, because of the helpful cab drivers and the interesting conversations. 

 I still take a cab into the city whenever I can. When I am abroad, cabs are a reliable point. I can ask the cab driver about good restaurants, souvenir shops, clubs, etc.

It’s a great profession

This great profession, however, has become a very dangerous one. The virus has changed our lives overnight.

Before, we didn’t have to worry about someone being infectious or not. Now we have to. The virus will not just suddenly disappear. We have to learn to live with it. 

The cab is a small space

Sitting next to the driver is already prohibited. Rightly so! However, the virus is also dangerous from the back seat. Let’s protect ourselves against the virus with a very simple, cheap and easily obtainable solution!

The TaxiVirusShield® offers high level of protection against viruses.

Excellent product

Installation: its practical and universal design makes it compatible with every car type used in the EU. It is installed using Velcro. And it only takes 10 minutes. Installation will not cost a fortune in workshop fees.

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100% Satisfaction

The virus is invisible. The only protection against it is isolation. The TaxiVirusShield is the perfect and affordable solution.